Material - The Central Conference 2012

The Central Conference Handbook including petitions, reports, nomination of candidates for the Episcopal Office in Eurasia are available for download (clic here).

Download a special edition of the Episcopal Address & Laity Address here.

The Minutes are available for download now. 

In the first half of 2013 the minutes will be publised in a printed edition together with the NEE-historical statement, and the BoD-paragraphs, adapted by the Northern Europe and Eurasia Central Conference. This edition will also be downloadable in a PDF-file from this page.

Survey among delegates and other partcipants.

Statement from the Central Conference in Kaunas.

CC-material Kaunas 2012

BoD Supplement 2012



Petitions to the Central Conference

All members, groups of members, disciplinary entities, and organizations of the Uniteed Methodist Church in Northern Europe & Eurasia have the right to submit petitions to the Central Conference - before July 15, 2012. - Read more here.